We don’t just have neurons. We are our neurons. We aren’t “humans.” We are the Neural Tribe inside the human form. Wherever you find neurons, there - as a species - you are.
— pavel g. somov, phd | author of Lotus Effect

NT Meme: the idea of the "neural tribe" is an attempt to unify all of us regardless of the bio-forms that we inhabit.  Each of us is a neural colony housed inside a bio-form of this or that "species."  Each of us - whether a human or a fish or an insect - is a metazoan multi-cellular colossus, a bio-house made of cellular bricks that is inhabited by a colony of stand-alone neurons that live and work as a family.  Each "body" that you are is but a mobile colony of the dispersed Neural Tribe that inhabits a bewildering diversity of life-forms.  Each metazoan One (of us) is, in fact, a (neural) Many.  This site is but an attempt at a new narrative... but a step towards transcending our bio-Forms and identification with our Neural Essence.

The NT (neural tribe) perspective is not another echo of the Cartesian mind-body split.  In proposing that we see neurons as a species I am not in any way denying the interiority of the neural experience.  The NT perspective is not reductionism, it is a re-classifcation on cellular basis.  The NT perspective takes a cladistic approach to re-defining what we are and what we aren't, with neurons being the operational taxonomic unit (OTU).  But in so doing, the NT perspective does not limit itself to the classic scientific reductionism of the interior.  We are the Neural Tribe, neurons and neural networks, capable of the entire spectrum of consciousness which constitutes our "humanity."  The NT perspective does not say "we are just neurons."  The NT perspective says: "we are sentient neural beings-in-residence, on a full continuum of consciousness."  

The amazing thing about this whole issue is that we - the neurons - look at ourselves (through microscopes) and we fail to see ourselves: instead of seeing our selves, we see our cells.  But we are these cells.  These cells are our selves.  What a case of phenomenological blindsight!

The NT perspective is a form of humanistic neuro-phenomenology.  The NT perspective is an attempt to anthropomorphize neurons - in ourselves and across the entire range of neural species.

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